The Future of Purchasing Behavior for Consumer Packaged Goods

Over the past fifteen years, digital technology and e-commerce have forever altered consumer purchase trends. While the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry may have slightly lagged, smart brands are realizing the importance of these trends and identifying ways to adapt. In fact, as recently as 2013, online sales accounted for less than 3 percent of… Read More

4 Ways Retailers Are Getting It Right with In-Store Mobile Devices

In recent years, mobile technology has become an asset to retailers in numerous ways. Now more than ever, consumers and retail employees are taking to mobile devices to ease and streamline tasks, and it’s having a positive effect on retailers’ success. Recent data indicates that consumers utilize their mobile devices for things like product research,… Read More

How Frictionless Shopping Helps You Achieve a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Today’s consumers desire a shopping experience that extends from the brick-and-mortar stores to mobile apps, websites, and social media. They crave a seamless omnichannel experience that lets them know what to expect on every channel they use to engage with your brand. As a retailer, you should keep up with consumer demands and create a… Read More

3 Reasons Mobile is Playing a Bigger Role in Click-and-Collect Initiatives & How to Ensure You Aren’t Left Behind

In-store mobile technologies, especially mobile point of sale devices, have been increasing in popularity for the past several years, due in part to the fact that consumers’ own mobile device ownership numbers are growing. The rise of contactless payment applications through consumer smartphones is also a big factor in the growth of in-store mobile technology.… Read More

Unique Consumer Strategies in OTC

Today’s consumer is exposed to hundreds of advertisements every day, and total “brand exposures” can range from 3,000 to 20,000 per day. These figures include print and television ads, passing by a label in a grocery store, ads in a consumer’s mailbox, labels on garments and on items in a consumer’s refrigerator and pantry, cars… Read More

Fraud Prevention in an Omnichannel World: What’s Changed and How to Keep Up

Omnichannel retailing is fast becoming the new status quo, but the integration it requires also represents a host of new complexities and complications. This isn’t just in terms of navigating orders and fulfillment while balancing in-store and online inventory, either. It also affects  your ability to prevent fraud across the board; it’s no longer enough… Read More

Why Consumers Love the Internet of Things (And Retailers Do Too!)

We live in the era of increasing connectivity and availability of broadband. The cost of getting online is decreasing, and more devices are being created with WiFi capabilities, built in sensors, and other innovations. This is a direct result of the decrease in technology costs, and the rise of the smartphone. All those things are… Read More

Why Phones are Replacing Wallets: The Psychology Behind Mobile Payment Systems

The simple fact is, with four out of five Americans carrying a smartphone and an anticipated one in four utilizing a wearable device, mobile payments are on the rise. Even aside from the exponential lifts in m-commerce, people are beginning to use their phone as their wallet more and more, especially among younger generations. (Nearly… Read More

Why Meeting Your Customer’s Demands for Efficiency Takes a Multi-Channel Approach

Efficient experiences are key to consumers, whether they are in the checkout line, troubleshooting problems, or looking for recommendations. To keep up with your customer’s demands for efficiency, you’ll need to collect a large amount of data. Luckily, nearly 67 percent of customers are willing to share more data with companies so they can experience… Read More